Making Life Easy and Anonymous

Here are few softwares which I recommend everyone to use to save time reduce there Internet footprints.


For those of you who are addicted to Google Chrome , this is a perfect software for you people. It brings in Chrome like tabs in Windows Explorer usually integrating most of the keyboard shortcuts as well. It even provides with the feature of storing your disk locations which you visit most as bookmarks looking same as bookmarks of Google Chrome.

One problem that I face with it is that for every new tab opened, it shows an icon in the taskbar and clicking on the icon opens the overall window rather than switching to the particular tab. Everything else is fine.

Download it Here

Tor Browser

For those of you who want to surf the net anonymously , Tor Browser is the perfect solution. It masks your IP address by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world. Having support for most of the browsers , Tor is the ideal method to avoid your online footprints and disabling disabling sites to store information of your history which they use mostly for sending spam or generating advertisements accordingly. Setting it up is pretty simple. 

Download it Here.


LastPass is an ultimate password management system which you can use to store your credentials on any browser at any website. It provides features like auto login , auto form fill up , password generation . It provides you tons of options to customize and tons of features that will make you quite dependent on it in the long run. It stores all your credentials locally encrypting it with the latest standards so that only you can unlock your data. The best part is that it is absolutely free. It also consists of a premium version but believe me as a normal intermediate user you will never require the premium features. More over it also provides support for all the mobile platforms but sadly it is not free on those. Nevertheless its a must download

Download it Here 


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