Numeric to word currency converter (Indian Number System)

Few days back at my work there arouse a need of converting integer currency to its respective word form or sentence form. 

I developed the following  code in PHP to do the same. It works for Indian Currency and can manipulate values upto 999 crores.

Heres the code

Best Rock - All Time

In this post I will be stepping aside from the techie posts and bring to you what I consider to be the best Rock Songs which I have heard till now.

1.    Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) 
This arguable the best song I have heard till now in all genres. Nice subtlety with great music and beautiful lyrics. Music could not get better than this.

2.    Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve)
This is one song which I will never get tired of listening. Another beautiful song bringing in great lyrics and astounding music together.


Creating Password Protected Hidden Folder without Additional Software (Windows)

We all have valuable data which we like to protect and hide from the eyes of others working on the same PC. There are many ways of this like hiding it from folder options or creating user permissions or using some file safe software. My method is pretty straightforward and does not involve any of the following methods listed above. The main advantage of this trick is that when the folder is locked then there is no way to access this folder without unlocking it.Content in it does not show up in any kind of search while locked.

I came across a script quite a long time back which does the above mentioned task by creating a folder named locker. Running the script when the folder is visible will lock the folder and make it non existent. Running the script when the folder is hidden will unlock the folder if provided with the correct password. The script is as follows.