Remove Streamride Ads from every website you visit

So guys I got annoyed by those Streamride Ads which were embedded by my Internet Service Provider in every page I visit. In my other blog post (link) I discussed ways of restricting these Ads from loading up. These ways used to work earlier but now a days, even those methods have stopped working for me.

The Ad would look something like this in the source of the webpage.

<div id="sTREAMrIDE" class="9;14"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Finally Gingerbread --> Ice Cream Sandwich

29th May was the day I have been waiting for since I brought my Galaxy S2. Whats special about 29th May? It is the day when Samsung rolled out ICS update for India based carrier unlocked Galaxy S2(GT-I9100) via Kies and OTA(On the Air). After the update  spent some time on noticing the User Interface changes that has been included in this upgrade and this post is dedicated for the same. to : The transition

For those of you who don't know, I used to review Android apps and games for PocketDroid and now i will be continuing the good work for DailyMobile both the jobs being voluntary though. Initially  I used to write articles which were viewed by around 2-3k people in a day at max, but now with my articles are being viewed by more than 30K people in a day. Now for me that's a pretty good reason to switch sites. Both the sites employed WordPress so didn't have to undergo any difficulty in adapting to the new circumstances. So whats in store next? I am thinking of developing an Android App for mostly an RSS reader. So stay tuned....

Hello Everyone

So guys here I am with my own blog . This is my first post on it and hopefully I would keep on posting interesting things on it in future. So stay tuned and enjoy...