Remove Streamride Ads from every website you visit

So guys I got annoyed by those Streamride Ads which were embedded by my Internet Service Provider in every page I visit. In my other blog post (link) I discussed ways of restricting these Ads from loading up. These ways used to work earlier but now a days, even those methods have stopped working for me.

The Ad would look something like this in the source of the webpage.

<div id="sTREAMrIDE" class="9;14"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Most of you might be knowing about Greasemonkey scripts. For those of you who don't, its a type of script which could be used to alter the webpage after its onload event has been called . For Firefox you have to install an Add-on called Greasemonkey to use these scripts. In newer versions of chrome the support for these scripts is inbuilt. However for very old versions i.e. the ones before 4th, may need an extension called Tampermonkey.

The script which I have made can be downloaded from here.

After getting installed, this script runs every time a page is loaded in your browser and removes the <div></div> tag containing the Ad from the HTML code.

For Firefox

  • Visit this page and install the GreaseMonkey Add-on for your browser.
  • Restart Firefox.
  • Go to the location where you have downloaded the above mentioned script.
  • Drag the file from that location and drop it on Firefox window. 
  • The script will be identified as Greasemonkey script by Firefox and would be installed in the browser

And that is it.

For Chrome

In chrome you don't need any extension.

  • Just drag and drop the script from its download location to the chrome window. 
  • Chrome will install it as an extension. 

Now every time you open any page, the Ads would be gone.

The script which I have made can be downloaded from here.

If you are facing any problems leave a comment and I would try to resolve it.


Avi said...

Please give us an diff link of the scrip. im using alliance and they are also injecting add. which is causing problem in php. scripts like rapidleech

Ali Abbas Manager said...

Please specify the kind of ads injected by your ISP. The above script only works with streamride ads no matter what ISP.

Avi said...

I have used ur Script but its only removing the ID

But rest of them still there

here is the ss of page element before applying ur script

and after

as u can see the script is still there,

Please update ur script so that it removes everything

leaving org page source...

Ali Abbas Manager said...

I have Removed the division because this is the division in which the ads are getting loaded. If there won't be any division there wont be any Ads.

Removing Javascript from the page would be useless because grease monkey or user scripts like the one I provided comes into action only after the whole page is loaded, including the execution of any scripts on the page. Even if I remove the javascript it will run every time any page is reloaded or does a postback to the server before the removal user script can execute . This is the reason for not removing the Javascript. Hope this reply cleared your concern.

Avi said...

but as the script is still running... it disrupts other js script which is used to show progress bar ...

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