Number & Currency Auto Formatting in Javascript

Hi Guys. Its been long since I have added a new post. But here I am with something that might be of use for you.
Its a very small Javascript library built by me which could be used to auto format the text that is being entered into a Textbox to correspond to American numeral system. It can be used to format the entered value on both onkeyup and onchange events.

Checkout the live working example
Enter any value here :-

The Code goes on something like this

Flip Effect Using Jquery and CSS

Guys in this post I will be discussing a way to create coin flip animation using JQuery and CSS only.
The method which I will be showcasing in a while can also be implemented without JQuery but that would increase your amount of code and complexity considerably. The main trick is to rotate the html element (an image in my case) degree by degree for multiples of 360 so that you can have your original state back.

Here is My Code :-

Numeric to word currency converter (Indian Number System)

Few days back at my work there arouse a need of converting integer currency to its respective word form or sentence form. 

I developed the following  code in PHP to do the same. It works for Indian Currency and can manipulate values upto 999 crores.

Heres the code