Best Rock - All Time

In this post I will be stepping aside from the techie posts and bring to you what I consider to be the best Rock Songs which I have heard till now.

1.    Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) 
This arguable the best song I have heard till now in all genres. Nice subtlety with great music and beautiful lyrics. Music could not get better than this.

2.    Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve)
This is one song which I will never get tired of listening. Another beautiful song bringing in great lyrics and astounding music together.


3.    Comfortable Numb (Pink Floyd)
Well this song deserves its place and in my view is one of the best song by Pink Floyd. I am not a very big Pink Floyd fan but this song comes in the top category of their Hits.

4.    Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
Another beautiful song from Led Zeppelin. Nice beats and beautiful tone transitions.

5.    Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
What a song from Queen. Definitely one of their best song. Its subtlety at the start and dynamism through the end makes it one unique song coming out of the gauntlet of Freddie Mercury.

6.    Yellow (Coldplay)
Man I love the voice of Chris Martin, Lead Vocalist of Cold Play. Yellow is one of the many beautiful songs composed by Coldplay but it out shines them all.

7.    Paradise City (Guns N Roses)
How can Guns and Roses be behind when we are talking about the all-time beauties. Paradise City is their best song .I know most of you will argue on this but in my view you all are wrong. The history behind this song is quite interesting and makes listening to this song more fun.

8.    Babe I’m Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin)
This is the third song from Led Zeppelin on this list and this too definitely deserves its place. That brute force in the music just mesmerizes the listener.

9.          I Want to Break Free (Queen)
Another awesome song by Queen. Lyrics are quite good and music is also quite contemporary. A beautiful soothing song.

10.           Somebody to Love (Queen)
Queen once again .

I know there is no AC/DC or Rolling Stones or other famous bands but frankly their songs do not fall into my top 10 list. Hope you enjoyed this list. 


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