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So I am back with a post after being in hibernation for a while. Truth to be told a lot was going on in my life and I could not find time for writing, but here I am. In this post I would be talking about some new products and services that have been launched for the masses which are worth your time.

First one is the recently launched Email Service Outlook . It is the new web email client launched by Microsoft which would be taking over the Microsoft's Hotmail service as a successor. It has a clean neat interface particularly built to match the design caliber of Windows 8. Besides neat interface it also has messenger services and options of integrating Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with your outlook account (which i think even existed in Hotmail but were a bit clumsy) . It has already got a million users in the first hour of its launch and these numbers are rising steadily. It is a good competitor of Gmail which is know for its superior services and elegant interface.

Next in line is the latest addition to the arsenal of Rovio (developers of Angry Birds series) namely Amazing Alex. This new game brings in the kind of playful physics which we saw most in Cartoons and has give it to the hands of an enthusiastic gamer. The Concept of the game involving the use of day to day objects to to create sequence of mindblowing events and action is just spectacular , not to metion the lifelike physics and beautiful interface. Sad thing is that the full version is not free but the good thing is you get to try the game with limited features and levels.

Another latest event was the inclusion of google Hangouts in Gmail chat. Previously you would have to go to google+ to start a hangout with any firend of your circle but with the latest update from folks at google you have the facility to launch hangouts directly from your mail accounts. For those of you who do not have any clue about what Hangouts are , I strongly recommend you to check them out by creating a google+ account with your gmail credentials .

One more good news for Android owners is that Call of Duty Black Ops ZOMBIES is out now currently for only Sony Xperia users but soon will be available for most of other high end phones.

For all Olympic enthusiasts , Have you tried the official London Olympics Results App ? If not then I don't think there are much days left to do so and I would recommend you to try it as soon as possible. It is a very functional app providing everything from past scores to current (live) scores of all the events , medal tallies of various countries and various events ,schedules of events and even lets you set reminders for your favorite events. Iits an all in one app and a must have .


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